Central Victorian Restorative Practice Alliance

'Transforming People, Relationships & Communities'

What is restorative practice?

Restorative Practice enables all people who have been impacted by a conflict to meet to talk about what has happened and hear how people have been impacted. It’s a voluntary process where all parties have the opportunity to meet face to face to cooperatively decide what can be done to provide restitution and prevent any further harm.

The process allows for reflection, learning and the opportunity of understanding to take place, to repair harm and restore relationships where possible. We have seen the positive social change that is possible when restorative practice is applied in neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces and communities.

Why restorative practice?

Restorative practice involves looking beyond retribution to find deeper solutions that heal broken relationships

  • An opportunity for healing of individuals and community
  • The chance to repair some of the damage done by harming others
  • A voice for those who have been harmed
  • Encouragement for wrongdoers to take responsibility for harmful behaviour
  • Practical and helpful solutions
  • The possibility of reconciliation and restoration of positive relationships

Central Victorian Restorative Practice Alliance is a partnership of organisations and individuals committed to promoting quality restorative practice in Central Victoria, Australia.

For more information, please contact cvrpalliance@gmail.com

Central Victorian Restorative Practice Alliance Presents:

Restorative Practice and Building Stronger Communities forum

Unfortunately this Forum has been posponed to a date to be confirmed due to the curent concern regarding COVID19. Apologies for any inconvenience