Community Conference

When they first began, the Maryborough Parkour Group received mixed reactions from within their community. With mounting complaints and reports to the local council and the police, the young people involved in the activity were feeling misunderstood. "Step To" examines the dispute from both sides and the positive outcomes gained from dispute resolution.

What Makes a Man a Man

An interview by Andrew L. Urban with Terry O'Connell (Pioneer of Restorative Justice, Director Real Justice Australia) for the 'What Makes a Man a Man' project -


Burning Bridges: Community Conference

“Burning Bridges” is a 35-minute documentary about the arson of Mood’s Bridge, a historic covered bridge in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA, and the restorative conference held in its wake. The International Institute for Restorative Practices facilitated this emotional conference, which brought together the six young men who burned down the bridge with their families and members of the community. Using news footage, interviews and video of the actual conference, the documentary tells the story of a community moving through grief and anger to healing.

Margaret Thorsborne: The healing power of dialogue

When harm is done (by us or others to us), reconnecting is only possible when we are a) willing to communicate with the other b) honest about what happened (no blame or excuses) and how it has affected us and finally c) being willing to express our vulnerable feelings about what happened. Redemption, forgiveness and healing become possible. Marg is a passionate advocate for healthy relationships, conflict resolution, restorative justice and relational leadership. With a long history first as a teacher and counsellor, and now as a consultant, she works tirelessly to help school communities and organisations understand what emotional health and wellbeing looks like, sounds like and feels like. She is widely recognised as an international pioneer and expert on school & workplace bullying, and has played a major role in the introduction of restorative practices into schools and workplaces in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA, Canada and UK. She is an experienced mediator and facilitator & has expertise in the management of trauma & critical incidents. Her work is informed by a range of disciplines including biology, psychology & social, organisational & management theory. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

David Moore: Common elements of Restorative Justice practices

David Moore is a communications consultant and current President of the Victorian Association for Restorative Justice. In this presentation, given in Bendigo on the 6th of August 2014, he explained and compared the common elements of restorative practices in programs such as Family-Led Decision-Making, the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce, and Restorative Conferencing for sexual assault cases.

Video production by Damien Griffin, CatholicCare Sandhurst

Journal articles

'Restoring the Damage', by Karin Derkley, Law Institute of Victoria, March 2018

Restorative practice evolving through community networks: Lessons from the Central Victorian Restorative Justice Alliance

Robinson, K., Hamilton S., Binns, B., Kent, M., Renou, B., & Moore, D.B 2015 “Restorative practice evolving through community networks: Lessons from the Central Victorian Restorative Justice Alliance”, New Community Journal, Volume 13. #4, issue 52.

Media articles

The Sunday Age, 27th October 2019 "United by tragedy: Two mothers find solace in an unlikely relationship"